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Far Cry 5 : Official Announce Trailer

Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise.

Welcome to Hope County, Montana. When your arrival incites the cult to violently seize control of the region, you must rise up and spark the fires of resistance to liberate a besieged community.

Freely explore Hope County’s rivers, lands, and skies with the largest customizable weapon and vehicle roster ever in a Far Cry game. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch, and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you’ll never see coming.

Learn more at farcry.com. Available February 27, 2018.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands beta in under 60 seconds

You know you slaughtered these cows too. Pre-order and shoot me an invite on release.

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Champions Of Anteria – Out Now on Steam

Blending a unique take on real-time strategy with base-building, Champions of Anteria is now available on PC, putting players in control of a squad of three heroes (chosen from a pool of five) whose elemental affinities and interconnected abilities let them tear through monsters, bandits, and other threats to Anteria’s safety.

Out now on Steam

Find more information here: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/game/champions-of-anteria/

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Watch Dogs 2 – E3 Reveal

Watch the first-ever look into the new Watch_Dogs 2. Set in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area, Watch_Dogs 2 explores a new reality where an interconnected city and network of personal devices are used to control and manipulate citizens on an unprecedented scale. Step into the shoes of a brilliant hacker, Marcus Holloway, and hack everything on your way to shutting down the establishment behind this massive corruption. Continue reading

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer – Update 1.2: Conflict

The Fight to save New York continues with the second major free update that introduces a new Incursion called Clear Sky, all new gear sets, weapons and loot, mission to take down enemy leaders, and extractions just got a whole lot more interesting with the Hijack feature. Continue reading

Champions of Anteria – Announce

Welcome to Anteria, a magical kingdom that’d be rather delightful if it wasn’t enslaved by a bloodthirsty horde of enemy factions that have more evil tricks than you can imagine.

This epic real-time strategy extravaganza invites you to unleash the powers of five Champions to conquer the bad guys, reclaim the kingdom, and make it back home in time for dinner. Continue reading

Far Cry Primal – Survivor Mode Changes Everything

Far Cry Primal’s free Survivor mode add-on offers more than just a tougher, more spartan experience. It fundamentally changes the flow and feeling of the game by removing or tweaking key features, adding the option for permadeath, and more. Here’s a look at how diving into Survivor mode changed the experience of being a Stone Age hunter.

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