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Black Desert Online – Ranger Awakening

After reaching level 56, prospective Rangers can embark on a quest to unlock their true potential and awaken, claiming the last gift of the Goddess: the Kamasylven Sword. Though she is already light on her feet, this weapon will allow the Ranger to move like the wind, slicing down her foes, or leaping away to pierce them with her deadly aim.

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Berserker Awakening Overview

Introducing the Berserker Class Awakening!

After reaching level 56, all Berserkers will be able to unlock the Iron Buster, this will complement the Berserker’s already crushing power, and can be used for engaging enemies at a distance or launching immediately into the fray. With the advantage of range and increased mobility, the Berserker will be able to charge into mix faster than ever, and with even more explosive results.

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Black Desert – Sorceress Awakening Overview

Introducing the Sorceress Class Awakening!

After level 55, all Sorceresses will be able to unlock the Scythe, pushing their magical prowess to the next level. The Sorceress is already an excellent duellist but with her new Scythe she also gains immense Area of Effect potential, making the Sorceress an even more well-rounded class.

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Black Desert Online – Valencia Part II Trailer

In Valencia Part Two, you’ll be able to journey to Muiquun, the Land of the Outlaws, discover what awaits in outdoor dungeons Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins, or take on an epic new boss, Karanda the Harpy Queen.

During and after september two new bosses will unlock, the worm constuct Kutum and desert dragon Nouver.

Black Desert Online – Mediah Expansion Trailer

Daum Games today announced that Black Desert Online will be expanded with the huge Mediah region, tons of new quests, fierce bosses, and more as early as tomorrow, March 30. With the Mediah Expansion, players can rise to new levels of power and achieve greatness like never before. Continue reading