The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Return to Clockwork City Official Trailer

We’re bringing The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ grandest adventure yet to our fans with Return to Clockwork City. For longtime Elder Scrolls series fans, this story expansion – along with The Elder Scrolls Online’s all-new Clockwork City DLC — will be the first chance to for players to return to this fan-favorite locale first experienced in The Elder Scrolls III’s expansion, Tribunal.

Millennia ago, the tinkerer god Sotha Sil built himself a hidden sanctuary, from which to shape his vision of the future. He called it the Clockwork City, and it was there that he died, when a fellow god betrayed and murdered him. What secrets died with him? What was he building in those gleaming halls? In the centuries since, no mortal has entered the city. Until now.

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